The stranger

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When someone just walks into your life, enters your mind, your habits, your conversations, doesn't it feel like another one of those tricks that destiny plays on you?

I saw him last month. Seated at the corner-most table at the cafe, he looked like a bundle of gravity, and maybe more..Now I'm not like one of those people who look and forget, I remember, if perhaps the situation penetrates my sphere of interest, I remember, and I do my research well.

And I did, a week of casual stalking and I knew quite a lot about him..haha..Okay now, I'm not the only freak who does that okay? Remember the last time you checked out people on the internet, it is a convenient means, at our disposal so why not use it if it helps ;) Anyway, I realized he was from a different country, a different background, a totally different mindset but being friends doesn't really take all that into account does it? I befriended him.

And as fate had it, suddenly those coincidental-bumping-into-each-other meetings rose up in number and now, it's a slightly different story!

This semester has been such a new journey for me, it revealed to me so much about my own self, and so much about life in general.

Ever tried talking to a stranger for no reason?
Try it sometime!
Yes, there'll be awkward moments, yes, you might even be a subject of ridicule for that person after you leave but you never know, your next closest friend might just be that random girl you saw at the cafe the other day and though you were both without company, you just felt too "awkward" to make a move.

Sometimes, it helps if you "don't think" before doing something your heart asks you to do, just go for it, take a chance! talk to that stranger today! :)

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6 precious thoughts..:

Fantastically motivated post. I am forced to talk to complete strangers on occasion due to my fishing addiction. Deep in the mountains by some small stream or lake, a stranger will happen along the trail. Our eyes meet and I greet the stranger with the all too familiar question…”How the heck do I get out of here?”

Nanu said...

Terey paas bahot faltoo time hai :|
Meri tech comm. ki presentation bana dey!!!???

Haha...thanks Matt...! :)

and Mohit, khali time nai hai, but yea whenever I have one of those sudden cravings to write..I post whtevr comes to my mind... :)

Anonymous said...

oye hoye...*whistles*..
wel nice lines..m impressd ;)

i think we r lso strangers.. haha :D :-P !!

...well here is comment from another stranger...
i have been going through blogs for say last 5 years of my life and most of them are about love...and friendship(not to mention the ones about somalia and palestine and hamaas,the serious ones i mean) but what you write is fresh...your posts are brilliant mixture of an observant approach towards world and honesty towards one's own emotions...great was a treat reading your posts...

Priyanka said...

wow! thanks a lot man!
that really made my day :)