So...what do you wanna be when you grow up?

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Haven't we all faced this question like a gazzilion times when we were young? Often drove me crazy cuz I never really knew what to answer. I wanted to be so many different things at once. Here's a list of my standard replies over the years:

1. Pilot - I loved the uniform. But dropped the idea eventually when I realized that pilots are actually supposed to fly, at a great height above the ground, which even my 6-year old brain could associate with an enormous risk of falling down.

2. Neurologist - Quite a leap I must say. I got this fun-science book on the human body for Christmas (among other cool things okay? I wasn't a nerd) when I was 10 I think, and in that book, I read this term and many fascinating things about this term that went straight over my head but it all sounded so impressive that I just had to pose it as my most probable career option.

3. Pediatrician - By now, I knew what a neurologist actually did and how complex a human brain actually was, and not to forget, I'd gauged exactly how lazy I'd become, so my work had to be a little more fun than that, and kids are fun! As long as I still got to be a smart-ass doctor, who cared?

4. Private Detective - This was the phase where I was on an over-dose of those Enid Blyton books (Famous Five, Secret Seven, The Mystery Series n all), not to forget, the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes. All in all, I was quite ready to start my own Private Eye Co. I only needed an office, a desk, a magnifying glass and an overcoat. But I never got any of those, so my dream remained a dream *touche*

5. Veterinarian-  I'm mad about animals, love every one of them!! Even the pigs! With their stubby lil noses and cute lil feet which makes it look like they're walking on high heels (anyone ever notice this?) We didn't have a pet when I was really young so I made friends with a few street dogs, they used to follow me back home and I used to feed them. I even had a name for all of them. We moved to a new location eventually though, but on the plus side, I got to have my very own german shepherd! :)

6. Wildlife Conservationist - To be quite honest, this dream still remains. I'm sure all of us have been hooked to one of those discovery channel or national geographic channel shows where those awesome people get down into the woods, saving animals, protecting the forests, with all their cool gadgets and amazing skills and non-exhaustive knowledge about every leaf in vicinity. Ah, that would be such a life.

7. Computer Engineer-  Reality Check! Med School was way too long for my liking and everything else too vague. Although this was never my reply to the above question at any point of time, but this is exactly what I'll end up being when I graduate college next year. Oh well.

8. Restaurant Chain Owner-  but guess what, I'm still dreaming!! :D so considering how interested I am in my own field, I'm probably gonna stick around for just as long as I earn myself enough independence and security, and then I'll spend all my time and effort on my ultimate love - FOOD!! given of course that I don't change my mind by then, which is a hard thing for me to guarantee.
So tell me...what are all the wildest/weirdest/variant career prospects that you've considered in your life, or are you the with a one-track mind who always knew what you wanted? :)

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Ronni said...

I'm still holding out for New York Times Bestselling Author for me. I just have to finish writing the NYT bestseller. :)

But, as I grew up, I wanted to make toys, teach CPR, give the weather forecast on the news, act just to name a few.

Priyanka said...

hahah well they all sound wonderful!
I'm all support for the NYT dream though, go for it!! :)

Echo said...

You just got the Lieber Blog Award!

Echo said...

You just got the Lieber Blog Award!

Ada said...

Ha: I love you reasoning behind wanting to be a neurologist. Haha. I also wanted to be pediatrician during my teenage years then I realized med school was not going to be my scene. So I decided to be dietitian. Now I'm a freelance writer: go figure.

I wanted to be a child psychologist until I heard how many years of school I'd have to take. I settled on becoming a teacher!

Date Girl said...

All growing up I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. I even majored in Zoology in college. Sadly it never came to being. Oh, and I met a few dolphin trainers that were total bitches. So maybe it was for the best!

Malia said...

stopping by for the blog following!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to be a Navy Seal...then they made GI Jane and it annoyed me that she took my idea. I wanted to be a trombone player with the Glen Miller Band (still do though I don't play much and I am sure I now suck at it). But the dream I had since I can remember, and still have, is to be a United States Soldier. Maybe that one will come true.

You know ~ I never quiet figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up ~ but now that I'm *ahem* quiet grown up and I'm leaning more toward being RETIRED when I grow up!!

Following you back!

I wanted to be a Marine Paratrooper becuz I wasn't pretty enough to be Miss America. But I'm only 4'11" and I don't think I'm tall enough to be paratrooper and I was pregnant at 17 so the Marine Corps was totally out.

Shawn said...

I wanted to be a vet, I think al kids go through that stage especially girls, but that changed when I learned it wasn't just playing with puppies all day. I love asking my girls what they want to be when they grow up, their answers are always good for a laugh!

Thanks for linking up with us!

I always wanted to own my own stationary & gift shop store. Maybe one day it will happen!!


Lisa said...

Wonder Woman- I use to spin and spin around trying to turn into her until I made myself dizzy.

Brooke said...

I wanted to photograph museum artifacts ... I ended up a product photographer who still likes to go to museums ;)

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Eschelle said...

I wanted to be a Historian when i was younger, i loved the history of different cultures. I even had a dream of wanting to be the archeologist that discovered the tomb of Cleopatra.

new follower via the blog hop, very nice to meet you!

Sarah said...

I'm in my late 20's and I still am not sure what I want to be when I "grow up"! I became an RN as a practical career move, but I'm still looking for my passion. Something involved with writing, creating or educating.

Anonymous said...

LOL< I still can't decide! I thought I knew, but then I had children.... All of the possibilities and variables in life are amazing!

I too wanted to be a pilot and perdiatrician for the longest time. I also came to the realization that I am just not meant to me those things! I am now in school studying to be an accountant. That is more up my alley.
I am glad I found you in a blog hop. I would love it if you could return the follow love back.
Thanks a bunch!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am 28 years old and Im afraid Im still asking myself what do I want to be when I grow up? Sad, but true. Im currently a receptionist and at the rate Im going with school I will die a receptionist lol. When I was little I remember telling my parents that I wanted to be a typewriter when I grew up! hahaha boy, was I a brain!
-barbie @ Life as a Mrs.

Anonymous said...