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Major student-life crisis!



It's why we're students in the first place..! Studies!

I'm facing a horrible NEGTWIP attack right now (for those lost read this). Okay it kinda all started when yesterday I realized I was only 16 days away from exams and well, a million light-years away from my preparations. To top it all, I have a few pending reports and submissions and a big test due for next week. Also, not ignoring the fact that I'm involved in one of the most active extra-curricular clubs on campus, it well, lives up to its status, and keeps me active! The last time I slept peacefully for more than 5 hours at a stretch must've been like...oh wait, i don't remember!

Okay, now before you form this really messed-up-disorganized-sloth-like-lazy-bumpkin image of mine, let me tell you that I'm one of the most well-organised people among my friends. I usually have months planned in advance in my scheduler, and HENCE the above realization FREAKED ME OUT!!! (read: is freaking me out!)

Starting tomorrow, I have only 15 days left, and 6 subjects to prepare for my exams which are beautifully scheduled so as to not allow any prep time in between!

Even if I divide the 2 given quantities I still don't have enough time to allow myself a thorough revision. Ahh...another semester gone, another screwed-up GPA...another amusement over why I didn't achieve better grades when I clearly could and yet another resolution to do better next time..

Anyway, Its past midnight, and I reached my room 2o min ago from another ECA meeting, and another day full of fruitless attempts at studying! I feel dizzy from all the sleeplessness...Maybe I'll figure this out tom, maybe I'll see divine light in my dream guiding me through this evil world full of torturing electives and inhuman GPA systems into a land of peace and love and mango milkshakes..

Speaking of shakes, I recently tried this new drink called "dragon-fruit ice-blended"...it's amazing!! and apparently real good for your eyes...do check it out if you get a chance! :) Meanwhile, I'll get back to sulking :\

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The stranger

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When someone just walks into your life, enters your mind, your habits, your conversations, doesn't it feel like another one of those tricks that destiny plays on you?

I saw him last month. Seated at the corner-most table at the cafe, he looked like a bundle of gravity, and maybe more..Now I'm not like one of those people who look and forget, I remember, if perhaps the situation penetrates my sphere of interest, I remember, and I do my research well.

And I did, a week of casual stalking and I knew quite a lot about him..haha..Okay now, I'm not the only freak who does that okay? Remember the last time you checked out people on the internet, it is a convenient means, at our disposal so why not use it if it helps ;) Anyway, I realized he was from a different country, a different background, a totally different mindset but being friends doesn't really take all that into account does it? I befriended him.

And as fate had it, suddenly those coincidental-bumping-into-each-other meetings rose up in number and now, it's a slightly different story!

This semester has been such a new journey for me, it revealed to me so much about my own self, and so much about life in general.

Ever tried talking to a stranger for no reason?
Try it sometime!
Yes, there'll be awkward moments, yes, you might even be a subject of ridicule for that person after you leave but you never know, your next closest friend might just be that random girl you saw at the cafe the other day and though you were both without company, you just felt too "awkward" to make a move.

Sometimes, it helps if you "don't think" before doing something your heart asks you to do, just go for it, take a chance! talk to that stranger today! :)

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