Where are those wonder years?

4:32 PM Priyanka 13 Comments

Now I don't know how many of you remember the 80s American comedy-drama called The Wonder Years, but it sure was a major part of my childhood when they re-aired it in the 90s. A few weeks back however, I stumbled upon something that reminded me of a scene from the popular show and a few clicks later I found myself going down the memory lane with Kevin, Paul and Winnie. Few series have been able to capture the pain and triumph of the adolescence as The Wonder Years, and fewer still, have been able to touch the audience at those sensitive spots in their hearts. 

Watching the show again made me feel like I was missing out on so much. I mean seriously, where's the life? We've all turned into this crazy technology driven race with close to no touch with what matters. We've accepted the virtual as the truth. I've been in Singapore for over 2 years now and I can honestly say that if this race were devoid of all the miracles of modern day science, they'd literally just be clueless on how to get on with life. For instance, I travel on the subway quite frequently and all I see are these zombies trudging to work. There is absolutely no sense of community, everyone is drowning into their own gadgets without giving so much as a passing glance to their fellow commuters.

Where're those close circle of friends, the actual conversations, the running in the streets, the waiting for a  post-card from a long distance friend, the genuine happiness on reconnecting with a loved one, the picnics, the innocence of discovering life at its own pace..

I'd personally be lost without my PC (I'd also be out of work), but that's not even the sad bit. I've witnessed parents exposing their infants to apps on their iphones and ipads, i mean  seriously! What about the good old fashioned legos and train sets? 
I wish life were simpler again..

All right maybe the song was a tad bit too depressing but hello! it's been raining 9 hours straight now and rain makes me gloomy and cranky :\ 

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13 precious thoughts..:

TOTALLY AGREE. I am one of those really mean parents who won't let their kids play on the computer, or on my phone. My daughter in Kindergarten keeps asking me why she doesn't have a cell phone... maybe because you're SIX? I'm 29 and just now got a decent cell phone and only because it was free. I feel like kids now are missing out on what made childhood fun and while some of that is because it's a scary world out there, some of it is because parents are just too lazy to do anything with their kids.

kewkew said...

Definitely agree with your post. It is so different for children growing up these days. Drove me nuts when my ex got my older children cell phones and Ipods and all this stuff I told them they didn't need yet.
Thanks for stopping by Tots and Me. I am now following your blog. Hope you have a chance to stop by next weekend.

Kelly said...

Omg!! I loved the wonder years and still do. I never see it on tv anymore unless its on a station I dont get. Winney!!!! what ever happened to her? lol. I saw Fred Savage on a lifetime movie a few years ago.

Thanks for joining our blog hop!!!!!


Jenny said...

First off, when I as 12 I swore to my mother that I was going to marry Fred Savage! LOL! I was so in love with that show! I know what you mean though about all the gadgets. I don't have any of them except my PC and my cell phone in which I only use for emergencies, not for gaming or social media. I found it odd that people were going crazy over the baby confusing a magazine for an Ipad. Why is the baby playing with an Ipad anyways? IDK, maybe I'm a bit old school but I feel real life play is better. Like you said, toys and trains. Me and hubby went out to eat last weekend. Many of the people that were out with freinds were on their phones texting and ignoring the real life people sitting with them. Boggles my mind! LOL!

Following you from the blog hop.

WOW, on the money...I taught for 13 years, and the biggest difference between my youth and these poor kids is that adults either program/schedule everything or it is done inside on a screen.
Computer screens, phone screens, tv screens...nobody plays anymore.
My real escape in life is sports - my best friends were teammates and competitors. I wouldn't have met most of them without pickup games and being outside.

Also found you on the hop(AMAZING PICTURES!).

Grace InAZ said...

I am blog hopping & already following you from 99% weekday hop. Growing Old With Grace http://growing-old-with-grace.blogspot.com/. Hugs, GraceinAZ

I buy ebooks on my iPad for my daughter, I do not think there is anything wrong with that. I prefer to not cute down millions of trees to be able to read a book! But I agree, life was so simple back then, no technological distractions. :)

it is crazy how quickly things are changing... and kinda sad but change is natural I suppose. It is insane how smart little kids are with technology...!


Found you on the hop. I certainly feel your pain on this one but I don't see a way around it. The sense of community you used to feel seems to be a thing in the past in certain areas.

Regardless, the same technological devices allows me to reach out to you so maybe it isn't such a bad thing.

Wonder Years was a terrific show. Did you know "Winnie" is a math teacher? Anyway, great post!


Hey! I've missed your posting. COME BACK!

Anonymous said...

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Kylee S. said...

Hi! I found you blog via the blog hop hosted by Create with Joy! I totally agree with this post! I loved Wonder Years and I remember the good old days of lego's and train sets and playing barbies with my friends!

diane grubbs said...

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