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This post is about gratitude. Something so simple, yet so rare.

We have a canteen system in our university. Each one having stalls representing different cuisines. Over the years of feasting at your favorite canteens, you grow familiar with the stall owners. In return they start recognizing you too, often to the extent of catching on with your taste and preparing your order in advance, and if kind and trusting enough, they might sometimes let you pay them later or round up your bills and spare you from rummaging your pockets for change.

Some of them however make you wonder.

There's this old chap who mans his stall with the help of an assistant and a cook. If I didn't know any better I'd say he was the reincarnation of grumpy the dwarf. The only thing that makes me look past that perpetual frown on his face, is the mouth-watering assortment of dishes on display at his stall. These few weeks I've been visiting his stall on a regular basis and each day seems to lay on him fresh griefs and miseries. He would be stingy in the portions he gives, would haggle over the prices and always sound pathetic, forgetful and miserable. Almost enough to make you lose your appetite even before the start of your meal. My first reaction towards his behavior was pity. I figured the guy had a lot of troubles to deal with and the least I could do was not hate him for that, but sometimes his insolence would cross the line and I would wonder if things are really that bad or if it's just him.

They say with gratitude the universe is infinitely abundant.

There's a metaphysical idea (as showcased in the movie happythankyoumoreplease) that the universe is listening to you, it's always hearing you and so if something great is happening, you can say, "I'm happy! Thank you! n yea yea yea I'll take more of that, I'll order more of that you hear me?" Gratitude is this really powerful force that so few have ever really felt. Like that old guy we're all a little restless and dissatisfied with what we have because everything culturally is trying to show us what we don't -"if only I had that I would be happier" but even after getting that, we wake up the next morning, still unhappy.

The only worthwhile prayer is a prayer of thanks. To be grateful for what you have and not sad or angry for what you don't. I wish he'd realize that.

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Friendship Friday – The Weekend

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Food For Thought
Weekends don’t count unless you spend them
doing something completely pointless.
-Bill Watterson
Question Of The Week
What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?
Do you have anything special planned for this weekend?
What are your favorite weekend activities?
Share your thoughts!
My Answer
Truer words were never said *points at the food for thought* 
I end up relaxing, catching up with the week's mails n updates from friends, doing my laundry, watching my favorite tele-series (community, himym, big bang theory, modern family and once upon a time)
I usually wake up at 5 am on weekdays to jog for an hour before I head for work, so weekends is when I can wake up whenever the hell I want and eat whatever the hell I desire! Also, Sundays I go swimming.
Sometimes I work part-time at Universal Studios or volunteer at SPCA but this weekend's off so I'll probably just laze around and do something pointless :)

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The most soul crushing series finale - ALF

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I maybe 12 years late but I don't think my reaction was any different from those countless kids in the 90s who cried themselves to sleep the night the final episode of Alf was aired. The show has been one of those special childhood memories for me but I'd never managed to see the end. Few weeks back I happened to dig up the old episodes and after numerous fits of laughter, I felt myself falling in love with the furry alien wise-guy all over again!

He stood for everything alien to us, simplicity, innocence, pure joy..I loved to see his take on our day-to-day issues, and realized how easy it all becomes if we for a second, detach ourselves from who we are and think as an alien, like they say, the simplest answer is most likely the right one.

It was heart-wrenching to watch him get caught by the Alien Task Force. I couldn't help but cry and feel this immense hatred for my species..why do we have to complicate everything? Science should be used to help this planet, to help out one another, not to try and probe other life-forms beyond our reach! Reasons like broadening our knowledge, finding the answers..are not worth risking our present for! A recent (and non-fictional) event that comes to mind is North Korea's failed rocket launch that costed them a whooping £535m. Sure everyone's criticizing the action now, but at some point of time a whole bunch of intelligent and powerful people must have deemed it was a great idea! And what if the launch was successful, nobody would've ridiculed the amount of money that was being blown away then! Why is it that we only learn from our mistakes? Why can't we for once take the simpler route? Try the simplest solutions? Stop running after what is just a vague illusion and start nourishing what we already have?

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Afternoon Ramblings

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This is perhaps the first time that I'm writing a blog post without anything on my mind. It's probably gonna end up as a major fail, but who cares? Life is too short to worry about the consequences of things that give you happiness! Like that dessert you skipped last night? Who cares if it makes you fat? You'll get back on your ass and jog it off in a few laps! Take charge of your life, be the person you've always wanted to be! A while back a friend of mine seemed to be worried about this rift she'd had with an old friend of hers. Here's how the conversation went:

(friend) "I dunno man, I never have a problem with anybody, she's the only person I've ever managed to have a clash with, I feel I should make things right. I feel like its wrong on my part to not like her over such a small reason" 

(me) "Dude, know that girl from our database lab? Ms.know-it-all? Well I hate her, for existing. Its okay to not like someone sometimes, we're humans, we're complicated, we're not built to get along with everyone" 

"Still man, we were friends once, I mean she did wrong me, but then I just feel like I should forgive her and make it right, you know, like no enemies no hatred? 

"You're just trying to live a saint's life, don't be guilty about things that didn't turn out well, there's a reason behind everything that happens. Clear your heart and let go of the past" 
"Okay you're not the right person to talk to about this."

So I'm considered the less sentimental one. Whatever. I had a dream about high-school few days back. And waking up, it struck me how long its been, how those days appear to be millions of miles away, how fast everything changes and how little all our worries matter! It was overwhelming but also scary. It's like in the blink of an eye this present will turn into past and all we can do, is give it a longing stare over our shoulders once in a while. As of now, I feel excited to discover how life unfolds for me, there are so many things to do, so many adventures to face, who has the time to count one's enemies?

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