A half n hour break

6:03 PM Priyanka 2 Comments

What is so magical about the rain? Why do you feel like sitting and staring at it for hours? Why do all life reflections strike us when it rains? Why do raindrops sound so comforting?

Seated on the steps of my school, gazing at the rain, my mind drifts back in time...I see everything, times I won, times I lost...I see all my dreams. Dimensions change and I escape this moment and all the thoughts, worries accompanying it. I look at life as a whole, realizing something at once-life sure is exciting...! It's the best journey one can ever be a part of. Suddenly I'm filled with the urge to know what future holds, where I'm meant to be...

Quite lately I've started practising total surrender. Well, at least to every possible extent. I believe in the divine plan and I know that my fate has been written. I know that whatever happens, happens for the best. So if I lose I know I was meant to lose and something good is certainly associated with it. The best part--sooner or later, my belief in this theory is reinforced.

Life seems so vulnerable sometimes, like when you're aware of what you've lost, something that you'd thought was here to stay...like this rain...

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