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This Friday I went down to the Fort Canning park to watch the much awaited Merchant of Venice performed by the talented lot at the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

Aaaaaaa! Shakespeare!
People settling down with their mats and picnic baskets, it was super hot!
The case taking a bow. The play ended close to 11 pm.

It was a scintillating depiction of the classic play, with a great cast and a wonderful ambiance save for the excessively dry and sultry weather at the beginning of the queue-up. My friend and I reached the venue an hour before the show time, and had to wait outside the park gate for over 30 minutes along with thousands of other Shakespeare enthusiasts. Here's how the conversation went:

Friend: Gawd it's hot!
Me: I know! Wish you'd have sneaked some beer from your office..
Friend: Yeah, hope they're selling some inside. I wish I'd picked a different day, school night's always crowded 
Me: Oh well. Look at them, taking selfies, posing like idiots, then they'll rush to upload it somewhere and go, 'look at me! I'm so classy and popular' It's such a wannabe age
Friend: Hahah yeah I can't remember when I was that age..I mean we're only 23 so technically it hasn't been that long 
Me: Right..but it's so true like as you grow older, the younger lot starts to look more and more lame
Friend: And you wanna say to them, "prance around all you want now! but wait till you start working for that cash.."
Me: Haha yeah..wow! we sound like an old grumpy couple
Friend: Hey! I'm sure I'm younger than a lot of people here *looks around miserably 
Me: Well at least one of them  *points to a balding head in the distance
Friend: *groan

It's such a vague transition to the other side of the line. From the insecure rebellious dissatisfied teenage to the more stable and self-assuring young adulthood. Suffice to say, there never was a more varied journey than life. 

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» sahil said...

Oooh… 'friend'? ;)

Priyanka said...

well, technically..

Ronni Selzer said...

Is that you in the first pic? CUTIE!!!

Priyanka said...

haha oh stop it you! :p