Letting go

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So why is it so hard? You've clearly thought it over, there seems no other way out and it's probably for the best. But why is it so hard..

Life is like a perpetually running series of the amazing race. You run from one pit stop to another. You leave some behind, others leave you behind. There are choices to be made at every detour, decisions that determine your final performance. There are clues and route markers that lead you from one destination to another. People might be mean and use the yield card to detain you for a part of the race. If you're lucky you may get to try your luck at a fast forward task and succeed...you may also run into a road block. But all through the struggle, joy, tears, laughter what remains unchanged is the one by your side, the person that makes you eligible for this race- your life-partner. It's said that true love makes you the happiest and the most embarrassing version of yourself. I think we could all do with some of that.

I've seen partners falling out during the course of this race. Forgetting the big picture and the purpose that led them to try themselves, partners who've otherwise managed to last together for so long, fail to stand a few disappointments and challenges with each other. On the other hand, I've seen partners who managed to grab a few good laughs and special moments through all the hard times, who remained patient and considerate and focused on enjoying the race rather than on winning.

Quite obviously the choice of your partner decides how this course of race turns out for you. One wrong decision, and you literally cast yourself into a life-long episode of nothing but sheer misery. So when the little voice inside your head shrieks logic and begs of you to let go of someone, what is it that makes it so hard?

I guess it's something one needs to learn - getting over the idea of absurd possibilities and going with the voice of rationality. Still, one may train one's mind to be stronger than one's heart and do what it deems fit, and that is what most of us end up doing. Yet there is always this underlying hope, that maybe, just maybe, this one is the one. So what if we're letting go of the wrong person? Will we ever know? Life's a gamble, and some chances just need to be taken. How else will we discover what lies ahead? We may never know what things might become otherwise, (ignorance is bliss) but rest assured, if something's meant to happen it'll happen irrespective of our choices, or maybe it's our choices that are meant to be, so we may reach our next destined pit stop. So bewildering...but that's life.

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