Premature maturity

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I'm 20. But I feel at least twice that amount. Maybe the fact that I'm working and earning like adults has something to do with it, but no, I trace this change to my own attitude. Lately, I've been feeling less carefree, less reckless, less young. I have no idea what's happening to me. I sound like my own mother sometimes!

So everybody knows about the Singapore Grand Prix, the F1 world championship. Yes it's a major craze, I mean people live for this event! And because of my voluntary involvement in Red Cross this year, I had a chance to be a part of all this action FOR FREE! But I let it go. My reasons?

1. Who wants to spoil a perfectly good weekend of finishing around-the-house chores?
2. This stuff ends late, and my body clock has been set to fall into sleep mode from 10 pm to 6 am, because of work, and I can't risk spoiling that, but more importantly,
3. Who wants to bust their tympanums watching cars go by so fast they're barely visible!

Sounds like your mother too?

And this is not it, Singapore is a happening place after all. There's Shakira and Linkin Park coming over for their concerts next month. I mean SHAKIRA AND LINKIN PARK!!! So you get it's a big deal? Now, ordinarily, given that I'm earning, and my weekends are mostly free, and I can't deny enjoying their music, I would have said yes to attending their concert had I been asked like a month ago, but now that the tickets are hot-selling, and it's about time I made a decision, my mind gets replaced by that of my mother again, and I decide no, I shouldn't go. Reason?
Who wants to splurge a 118 bucks for being jostled around while trying to listen to something you can listen to in the perfect luxury and comfort of your own room, and that too for free!

What's wrong with me!

One of my friends really really wanted to go for Shakira's concert, and she was counting on me to come along, and I would've loved to! Except of course my mind got zapped last minute and I put down the offer. I asked her to carry on without me. Her reason to go? She's never been to a concert before, and this is the age where you have every right to go crazy over people like Shakira!

Hmmm...well, that's another deal, I'm not crazy about anything these days. I look at a potential act of having fun, and immediately rush to its repercussions on my future, and the value it's gonna bring to me in return, which pretty much takes the "fun" out of the act.

Now, there's another fun event coming up. It's long ahead in December, but party freaks like me (?) look forward to it all year. It's this annual overnight mega-level beach party called Zouk-Out. Needless to say I've been waiting for it like crazy, specially since I was forced to miss the last one on account of my semester exams clashing with the event dates. And now, so close to the event (ticket sales start soon), I feel like my mother again. My internship ends on 3rd December, followed by a month long vacation, and Zouk-Out falls on 10th December. Why waste a perfectly good week whiling around! Why not go back home straight after work and enjoy the chilly winters of North India, with my parents, my dog, all the amazing Kashmiri delicacies, the occasional cups of sheer chai & kehwa, those lazy afternoons under the pleasant winter sun on the terrace, dad's champi, mom's gossip, oh the very thought of it is so warm and inviting! Specially when compared to the "fun" I would have at Zouk-Out in terms of a bad hangover, possible loss of belongings, and not to mention the post-event guilt that strikes when you realize the futility of it all.

Spoken like a true 40-year old!
Oh dear!

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