The fever

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Under normal circumstances a weekend is a time to relax, to catch up with those that matter, a time to give yourself that well-deserved break after a hard week. But when you're grown up and working, the weekend turns out to be a completely different affair. Yes it's still a break. But sadly, it's never long enough to really have fun or short enough to ignore.

This weekend took off rather unusually with me getting locked out of my room in the middle of the night on account of a rather questionable disappearance of my room keys, followed by me seeking shelter at a friend's place. The next morning saw me finally gaining access to my room and heaving a sigh of relief. Once you start considering a room as "your place", there's no greater relief than to be back in it.

I had a lot to catch up on and I'd sort of already lost a night.

Relax. I thought to myself and began doing what I usually do when I have a lot on my mind and very little time. I made a list.
So turned out it wasn't much, a few phone calls, a few official emails, a report, laundry, ironing, you know the usual.
Half of Saturday was up, and a strange laziness began to seep in. I didn't feel like doing anything. All this could wait. I spent the rest of the day cooking myself some yummy dinner and watching a movie.

Next morning. No more excuses. There was work to be done and now. So it all started, me working in super-cop motion, ticking away those chores on my list as the day rolled into a pleasent evening. And that's when I felt it. A strange warmth. All over my body. I touched my forehead and indeed, I was running a temperature. Since when did I start taking things to my head! I didn't want to fall sick. Hell! I didn't have time for that.
I guessed I needed some air.

I went out, for the first time without a task in my head. I felt lighter. The wind was blowing at just the right pace, the trees were swaying just the right amount, the sun was invisible, but there was just enough light to enjoy what lay before me. Everything was perfect. Everything was beautiful. I felt glad just to be there, in that moment, just to be alive, to be a part of this.
Here I took a few pictures for you guys:

I took a deep breath. Since when did life become so definite? Since when did a list get to decide how my day is supposed to be spent? This was not me. But the real-me, I concluded, stood no chance in this world. I just had to keep up. I felt my head again. Not as hot. But still warm. There was just one more thing left to do before I could call it a night.

I went back to my room.

Now, an hour and a half later, and the fever gone, it feels like I never had one. I guess life isn't as complicated as we make it. Everything is out there in front of us. Like all the pieces of a giant puzzle. If you're patient and enjoy the game, it wouldn't seem so hard to foresee the final picture.

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4 precious thoughts..:

To do list are the worst when not feeling well. Breathtaking photos...get well soon.

Priyanka said...

Thanks Matt!

Priyanka, those photos are gorg! I would've probably laid on my butt inside and felt sick, this is really inspiring! Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my porch, I LOVE it in there so much, can't wait to read some blogs in there tomorrow morning :)

Priyanka said...

hahah thanks Sara! :)
n really, your porch is beautiful! i can't wait to have my own home someday and build my porch the same way!