Why are we here?

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For those of you who've ever thought about this, I'd say you do realize that the more you think about it, the more confusing things become, and the more you're drawn towards your "normal" everyday life, because a "normal" everyday life makes sense. We don't want to think about what doesn't make sense. If I ask you now whether you believe in ghosts, you'll probably laugh it off saying "who knows!"..or "I don't care.."...but the fact remains that there are things, beyond the reaches of science or human mind, things that people find it best to leave unexplained. Be it the supernatural, or the UFO sightings or the ever-so-fascinating concept of re-birth...there's so much we don't know about this universe, so much we don't know about our own identity...our existence.

Smart people have come up with theories like the big-bang to explain how the universe was created, the oparin-haldane concept to explain the origin of life, but does anybody understand why a certain female leopard after having caught and killed a deer, continues to look after its new born, instead of eating it? Does anyone know why there are so many people, so many races, and yet, a whole new story to go with each face? How our paths cross, how people just enter and leave our lives? How does everything always fall into place in the end...no matter how full of hardships your life is, everything begins to make sense in your last few minutes on this earth. Who keeps a track of each of our good or bad deeds? Who makes sure that sooner or later, justice prevails? Is there anything like destiny, or is man a creator of his own fate? What is it that all the religions of the world are pointing at, but no man alive is able to catch that hint?

So many questions... The quest is on. These thoughts often visit our minds in those fleeting moments when we're at one with nature. Otherwise who has the time? We're too busy loading our pockets with money and gains in every way possible. It maybe beyond our capacity to know the mystery of life and death and the purpose of our existence, but being the sanest of all creatures, it should be our duty to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of life, and you don't have to go to a charming hill-resort for that...

Beauty exists so much in a country landscape,

as it does in the smile of an 80-year old,

or in the touch of a new born.

All you have to do is keep your senses alive, sharpen your intellect, reach out to everything that life has to offer, never forgetting to smile at each stranger along your way.

What I truly believe to be the purpose of life is to have no regrets when you part with it :)

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2 precious thoughts..:

That is a good way of thinking about it. Most don't ponder their existence until bad things happen. My plan is to enjoy my existence as much as possible by living vicariously through adventure. If you get really bored, feel free to check out Colorado fishing blog.

I just did...awesome posts really!! I loved the pictures...I've so always wanted to spend my life someplace that serene and beautiful...have u read the novel Heidi...don't u wish life were like that...everything that simple, and yet magnificent...?