Just another afternoon

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It's late afternoon. Sitting at my desk, I glance out of the window every now and then, hoping to catch a single face smiling at me. Ah! No luck there. Everyone's busy. Busy with their lives, busy with their families, busy with their work, busy shouting at the boy who accidentally walks over their newly seeded lawns. The sun blazes through the clouds, trying to avoid facing any of us down here. Something's not quite okay.

It's been a year since I've been studying in Singapore. It's far far away from my home, of course. At 19, being up and on my own, I should be happy. God's been kind. It'll be a shame if I don't appreciate his benevolence and sulk instead. So I try to be happy. But is that easy? Guess I should leave that question to you.

My parents would be home anytime from work now. I've put up their picture too. Aren't they adorable? Well, they certainly deserve a lot more than what life fetched them, and one day, I'm sure all their dreams will come true. The second one's me with my closest male companion, Dollar...he's a darling! never forgets you, never fails you and never lies, never smokes, hears you out patiently and is all you may ask for, from a guy(except for peeing on the rug of course).

So, yeah I'm living my own kind of picture-perfect life. In a few years maybe, I'll be happily settled. But that still doesn't settle my mind. It's confused, appalled and awe-struck by the miracles of life. Everything happens for a reason, they say. Maybe that's why some people enter and thereafter leave our lives- because they were alloted some job, some changes they were supposed to stir in us and once their purpose is served, they leave us. I'm sure plenty of you out there can relate to this feeling. A big question mark regarding certain incidents of your life. Ah! never mind, I shouldn't plunge into all that right in my very first post.

There goes the doorbell...I think they're home.

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6 precious thoughts..:

Nice Post !

Manasvi said...

So..you believe in destiny. What do you think about coincidences?

Thank you Mr.Lost Soul :)

And Manasvi, yes I do believe in destiny...why else do you think I am what I am and I am where I am. That implies to you as well.
Coincidence is the term we use to define the same incomprehensible incidents that destiny stirs in our life, a term most likely to be used by the non-believers..

pushan said...

omg dats deep!
bt on a serious note,,, dunt u think dat an irrevocable belief in destiny by humanity wud hve snatched have most of d revolutions dat v hv hd?
the french revolutionaries wud then hve imputed the lack of basic human dignity 2 their inferiority 2 the bourgeois..the apparent solution 4 an egalitarian being 2 help uplift the society.
while d non-believer in this situation wud think dat its not his destiny 2 strive 2 attain human dignity by penetrating d upper stata.. no its simply by d fact that he demands?requires it, and its coz of sum rich suffering from superiority complex dat it is not being provided 2 him?
simply put, wouldnt v accept social norms as they are, if there is complete adherence 2 d belief in destiny, trying 2 find our way up(or down)within d norms?

pushan said...

btw, tis is jst an example, and i agree that its taking a narrow application,, yet a ..belief wud cum true in all situations, ryt? dats wat i hope coz i m a believer too :)

Wow! Quite insightful..!
Hmm...true what you said bout the revolutions, but those people thought that whatever they were suffering under was NOT their destiny...n tried to fight for what they thought WAS their destiny..! So, in any case its your own perspective that counts :)