In memory of Ray

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He entered my life when I most wanted a companion, No matter the situation, he was always by my side, just sitting there, looking at me through those big black beady eyes, I often wondered what went on inside his lil head, did he know he was a hamster? did he wonder why he couldn't understand any of those things I used to say to him? maybe not, and maybe thats why, he's no longer with me...

It all started one random evening. I was out with a friend looking for a place where we could unwind after meeting the week's hectic deadlines, and desperately needing a break. Half-way through we lost our way, and entered this pet-store to ask for directions. And there it was, cozily tucked into the corner of his cage, Ray, the cutest little thing ever! I knew then that a pet is what I needed! I actually already own a dog, but he is back home in India, and Ray, he was perfect! All I needed to do was make sure its cage always had food and water, keep it clean and cuddle it and talk to it sometimes, like I said, perfect!

So then it began, my new exciting life (partly because it was against the hostel rules to own a pet) with my new exciting pet! He was so much fun! to watch! to play with! to run around after! to talk to! Gradually I became aware of his preferences. He loved carrots, He loved running on his little wheel, He shivered when it was too cold, He loved nibbling on paper napkins, He didn't like loud music, He was scared of heights and He hated the little hamster ball I got him! which is why I stopped using it, and when it was "play time" I simply used to let him loose in the room and he used to run around, sniff at things, explore new areas, until he got tired, and finally return to me and I used to put him back into his cage, with his paper napkin bed made up n all.

I miss him.

Four days ago, I let him loose again, only this time, he didn't return.

I left out some food on the floor the first night to see if he was in the room, and indeed, it was all eaten up by the next morning. Ok good, now I just needed to find him before he got himself into some trouble! So I asked google, and google taught me how to set up a hamster trap in case I was sure he was in the room, which I was, and so I made a trap, stacked a couple of books like a staircase leading on to a bucket, with food on each step and loads inside the bucket, google assured me that Ray would be inside the bucket in no time.

For the first time in the history of everything, however, google was wrong.

I waited, and waited, and today my patience ran out.

I wondered, is that how parents feel? when letting their children go out on their own will. I was like a parent to Ray, and I have no one but myself to blame about what happened. He was just a child! or better yet, a hamster! How could I have been careless enough to assume that he'd know whats right for him! I remember how mad I was at my parents few days back for not allowing me to go to Bali, and now looking back I feel like a hamster, wanting to run away, not knowing if the world out there was good for me. I'm glad Ive parents to protect me and save me from my hamster-instincts.

Today, I asked google again, and this time it said that Ray might be hibernating, it might take weeks or months to come back to me, that is to say, if he's still in the room. I wonder if he ever sneaked outside while the door was open sometime, because if he did, and then climbed down the stairs as well (my room's on the 6th floor on top of a hill), then there's no way he can climb back up!
I don't wanna think of what might've happened to him. I'd like to believe he's still in the room, and will come back to me someday...

I miss him.

*UPDATE(5.30 PM, same day): About an hour ago, Ray CAME BACK!!!
I wasn't in the room, but my roomie was there, studying until she heard some shuffling underneath a bunch of plastic bags, she removed them only to find Ray! She called me and literally screamed the news to me!
I came back running!! :D It was the happiest moment for me in weeks!

Ray is now fine, back in his cage, and from what I see, much relived to be home :) It has shrunk a little, ate and drank like it hadn't seen food n water in ages and somehow its managed to roll himself in enough dirt so as to appear grey instead of white now, I wonder what lil adventures he had out there, but I'm so glad he's back, a lesson learnt, and forever to be 

remembered :)

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